Best Selfie Sticks Reviewed

Selfies are more than pictures: they are statements. They have become a popular tool for documenting one’s presence in the certain moment in time. However, sometimes the scenery behind you is much bigger than you can reach your arm. For all those moments when your arms aren’t long enough it would be wise to consider buying a selfie stick. We present you with best selfie sticks available on the market.

A little bit about selfies

Selfie is a type of photograph in which a person takes a picture of themselves, hence the name – selfie. Selfie have existed long before the name has been coined.They were one of the first photographs of a person ever taken and the guy that made the fist selfie was Robert Cornelius, an American photograph who did so in 1839 . In the early days of photographs, selfies weren’t that common because of the huge price and sheer effort that had to be invested in taking a photograph.

Selfies through history

Selfies became more common with the invention of simple cameras in 1970. Camera films became cheap and easily affordable to the wide populace, thus making photographs cheaper and easier to make. Selfies persisted through this age, although photographers couldn’t know whether their selfie was successful or not because those cameras lacked digital displays. However, with the invention of digital cameras, everuyhing changed

The importance of digital photos

Digital cameras revolutionized selfies. They were special because each came equipped with a digital display allowing the user to check whether the photograph was good or bad. They also revolutionized the storage system. It was no longer necessary to take your film to a photo shop and get that film developed. Now, the camera did the whole process for you and you could pick out which photos you want to be developed and which were useless. Nowadays that doesn’t seem like much, but back then, that was all the rage!

Selfies and phones

Selfies were eve more popularized by introducing front camera on mobile phones. This way a person could easily take a selfie without carrying big and heavy cameras. Somewhere around 2005, a photographer by the name of Jim Krause coined the term „selfie“ and so the legend was born. The trend exploded with the advent of social media that required you to upload your picture in order for other people to recognize you online.

Why do people love them?

For some people, selfies and the ones who take them are nothing more than annoying narcissists. But why are they so popular? What is it that makes them such a worldwide phenomenon? Well, selfies have their own etiquette and, they are easily controllable. A selfie taker can easily adjust the angle, lighting and the content of the picture by moving his or her hand, similarly to action cameras . That way, people may appear thinner, prettier and more appealing. Second, of all, they represent a part of a global trend of presenting yourself online. Every social media account is riddled with selfies. And last, yes, there is a degree of narcissism but that is perfectly normal: we all love ourselves.

Selfie accessories

We all had a situation in which our selfies didn’t  encompass the entire scenery. Sometimes, when we are taking a selfie with a group or with scenery behind us, something gets cut off. That happens because our arms are too short. However, there is a solution and it is called a selfie stick. So if you want to take selfies you should probably consider taking great selfies because everything in life should be done the best way possible. There are many selfie sticks out here but which are the best selfie sticks?

History of selfie sticks

The first selfie stick was invented in 1925 and it was used by professional photographers in order to take pictures of themselves without anybody operating the camera. Selfie sticks are actually a part of a wider family of camera accessories. They belong in the same group as tripods, but while tripods are used for stabilizing the image, selfies are used as a helping tool to take a selfie and are professionally known as monopods. The first usage of a syntagm „selfie stick“ happened in 2012 and thus selfie sticks were born.

How to use selfie sticks

Selfie sticks consist of a telescopic retractable rod.  One end has a holder that makes holding a selfie stick easier. The other end has a small frame in which you place your smartphone. Smartphones and selfie sticks are connected either through 3.5 mm jack or a Bluetooth connection. To take a selfie with a selfie stick, simply slide our smartphone in the frame and click. Voila, you have your first selfie. Just don’t take selfies when skiing or snowboarding if you are not a pro, because you don’t want to get injured while doing it.


Selfie sticks are not always looked upon kindly. As a matter of fact, selfie sticks are banned from most of the museums, monument sites or art galleries. Many people use them in a highly irresponsible manner. The biggest danger is hitting other people, causing a mess and generally being a nuisance. Whatever you do, please try not to annoy others with your selfie stick, because many people hate selfie sticks.

Things to consider before buying

Before you buy yourself a selfie stick there are things to consider. What are your needs and what is your budget? There are many selfie sticks out there that are either too long or too expensive. Some of them are used by professional photographers or outdoor hikers, so the price and the size are understandable. You should never rush into buying anything and the same goes for selfie sticks. Check your budget carefully and then wage your options. Maybe you will take one or two selfies and that stick that you overpaid will be sitting forever somewhere in your attic, gathering dust. Check your needs and buy accordingly.

Try to buy the right one

For some reason, many people think that all selfie sticks are universally compatible. However, this is not the case. Just like there are many types of phones, there are also many types of selfie sticks. Not every phone is the same size and different phones don’t have their jacks in the same place. Check the dimensions of the frame when buying a selfie stick and see if it fits. It would be a huge waste of money to buy an inadequate selfie stick.

Types of selfie sticks

Selfie sticks can all be divided into different categories by their characteristics. We will try to introduce you with these specifications in the list below.

  • Frame size. As discussed above frame size is the very important thing to consider before buying a selfie stick. Although there are universal frames, sometimes it is wise to check the dimensions of a frame size, just in case. Most frames (or mounts as they are professionally called) come equipped with a clamp that is there to secure your phone in the frame. Frames can also be manipulated as some of them can be twisted for as much as 180 degrees giving you a lot of possibilities when it comes to taking a selfie on problematic spots.
  • Rod length. The length of the rod is a very important characteristic of a selfie stick. As always it depends on your needs. Most selfie sticks can be folded to 8 inches of length, but there are some of them out there (although very hard to find) that can retract below 8 inches. Understandably, this makes them ideal for people that value mobility and compactness. However, professional photographers and outdoor hikers want a rod that can encapsulate the whole scenery behind them. That’s why they want bigger rods on their selfie sticks. Although they are heavy and not that convenient for carrying around, they do give you a wider array of possibilities.So give it a few thoughts, are you a pro or an amateur?
  • Quality, quality, and quality. The most important characteristic of anything you will ever buy. The most quality selfie sticks are made out of titanium as it is the most durable material and very lightweight. Steel sticks are very heavy which is a big bummer and you can get hurt if you drop them. Avoid ones that are made of plastic(avoid anything made of plastic for that matter) as they can break easily and are not that durable under stress. Quite often you will use your stick in some dangerous spots and the last thing you want is breaking your 300$ phone over a 50$ selfie stick.

Have you given it a thought?

Selfie sticks are invaluable when it comes to making high-quality selfies. Now, before you choose any stick to take into account everything previously written. Check your budget and don’t go over your limits as selfie sticks are nothing more than useful accessories, not something worth spending a lot of money on. If you are a pro, then you will need a more expensive kind. Never forget that quality and compatibility are the most important traits of a selfie stick. We have gathered a list of some of the best selfie sticks down below.

Best Selfie Sticks Reviews

1. Mpow Selfie Stick, iSnap X Extendable Monopod 

best selfie sticks

This product is the latest self-portrait monopod gadget that has a one-piece design so you don’t have to bother installing your equipment piece by piece. Also, it is one of the most compact selfie sticks out there so you don’t have to worry about incorporating it into your bag or pocket.

The U-shape design brings you more advantages than you might think it does… it doesn’t take too much space and it can also be rotated to make the selfie stick look even smaller than it is. The silicone material of which the clamp is made of provides the extra friction to keep your phone safe and tightly mounted.

The snap button gives you an excellent feedback and you can just lightly press it and feel the awesome using experience.

The handle bar has a matte surface so you can feel the grip and you will most certainly know that this selfie stick won’t fall out of your hands.

The stick is compatible with most of the devices although it might not reconnect automatically with iOS 7 or higher.

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2. Fugetek FT-568 Professional Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote

best selfie sticks

This selfie stick has an extendable pole that can be extended up to 49 inches and it has multiple clamps that will provide the secure extension.  While this is an extraordinary element, it might, however, be somewhat unwieldy to augment and withdraw when you’re in a hurry. So it is both a quality and shortcoming, depending on your needs.

Do you require a selfie stick that can extend safely for a long length? Alternately do you require one that can develop and withdraw effectively with a shorter length and less secure augmentation?

This particular selfie stick comes with two interchangeable and removable mounts and it’s great for shooting from higher angles because of its length. Also, it is a quite sturdy stick.

It might be too heavy and bulky for those of you who are looking for a discrete selfie stick to carry around and the Bluetooth connection tends to disconnect if you don’t use your device for some time.

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3. PerfectDay Self-portrait Monopod Extendable Wired Selfie Stick with built-in Remote Phone Holder for iPhone 6s 6 6 plus 5 5s 5c, Android Wired

best selfie sticks

This monopod can be extended up to 3.5 feet and it features the phone holder compatible with all of the phones out there. All you need to do is to plug in your phone and turn on the photo mode and you are ready to go. You are now able to take the photo with this selfie stick.

The holde on this gadget is adjustable so it enables you to take the selfies from many different angles and the shot button is always accessible.

As said before, this selfie stick is compatible with any android or iOS phone, and if your phone won’t work with it, you get your money back…. That’s how confident the company is.

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4. Selfie Stick, Perfectday Foldable Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Built-in Remote Shutter for iPhone 6s, 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5s, 5c – Black

best selfie sticks

This amazing selfie stick features a Bluetooth remote control as well as the excellent battery, allowing you to take the perfect selfies with much better sight and width.

It is a quite simple selfie stick to use. All you have to do is pair this device with your phone via Bluetooth and snap the photos with ease.

The head of the selfie stick is highly adjustable and the mount positioned on the top of this selfie stick can point your smartphone in any direction through an 180-degree arch. This allows you to take the photos from any position you want, according to the shot you want to take.

The grip is strong and you don’t have to worry about your phone. The stick will expand enough to accommodate any phone and even some of the smaller tablets.

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5. JETech Battery Free Selfie Stick Extendable Cable Control Self-portrait Monopod Pole

best selfie sticks

Most of the selfie stick users like the device that is battery powered because it is much easier to shot the photos via Bluetooth controls, but some of us prefer the models that are not dependent on the batteries.

This battery-free model is compatible with the most of the smartphones if you download the “Camera 360” app and it is expandable up to 36 inches.

The phone holder is adjustable and it allows you to shot the selfies from many different angles as well as the above-crowd photos.

Since there are no batteries involved, this selfie stick is quite easy to use. All you have to do is simply plug in the 3.5mm audio cable and push the shooter button to take the picture.

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6. Selfie Stick for Smartphones – With Universal Phone Holder

best selfie sticks

This is an adjustable monopod that has a separate remote Bluetooth shutter button. It can extend from 11 inches up to 40 inches.

The phone mount covers two sides for a secure fit of your phone and it can be adjusted and covers the 180-degree arch, allowing you to take many different selfies from many different angles. You set the angle of the phone mount by tightening or loosening a screw button on the side.

The remote shutter button features the wrist strap and the device is compatible with any phone that is not wider than 3.25 inches.

Some of the Android users need to download the free app called “Camera 360” to operate this selfie stick.

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7. Selfie Stick, Foneso Extendable Monopod with Bluetooth Remote and Tripod Stand

best selfie sticks

This amazing hand-held tripod enables you to take the selfies and group photos effortlessly and it will bring much pleasure to your life.

When folded, this amazing tripod measures only 7.1 inches, making it quite transportable and compact. This elegant selfie stick can fit in your pocket but when you extand it goes up to 32.7 inches. This gives you the ability to take a photo of yourself with a wide surrounding.

The phone holder is adjustable and it can fit almost any phone.  The mount can be rotated up to 270 degrees which gives you an opportunity to take the photos from many different angles and distances.

It’s made entirely of aluminum which makes it very light and it features the rubber handles for a good grip.

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8. Spigen S520W Selfie Stick Battery Free Wired Selfie Stick

best selfie sticks

We’ll wrap things up with a top-quality option from the one and only Spiegen, the S520W! This puppy comes with an elegant all-black finish, boasting a strong grip and high practicality at an affordable price.

What we noticed about this item is that the price tag varies significantly from one vendor to another , hence it’s highly recommendable that you consult a variety of sources. Not to toot our own horn, but we made sure that the best deal is always right here in front of you on Winter Ninja!

Anyhow, this puppy is battery-free and highly adjustable. Practicality is the word of the day here, so if you are in pursuit of a selfie stick that will not give you a headache and simply deliver the goods, this is the one!

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We hope that you have enjoyed the ride and learned a thing or two about what makes the best selfie stick on the market today. Feel free to browse around a bit more, but you can rest assured that each of the listed items offers top bang for the buck and is worthy of your consideration within the listed price range. Thank you for your attention, feel free to hit the like button or leave a comment if you’re up for it. After all, it is your feedback that fuels our burning passion for writing. Take a selfie and send it to us the next time you take a break from skiing. Rock on, folks!