Best Ski Goggles Reviewed

One of the most important pieces of equipment for skiing is the goggles. They are as important as the jacket is. Not being able to see properly can really ruin your skiing experience. Now, any goggles for skiing can provide you with the basic protection against the cold and wind, but other than that you should consider some of the key features like frame size, lens type, the color of the lens, and interchangeable lenses.

So if you want to have the best possible skiing experience, it is really important to find the best ski goggles you can find. In our guide we will describe what factors to consider and how to choose the best ski goggles for your needs ant then we will review the 10 of the best ski goggles you can buy online.

First of all, buy the goggles before you go to the mountain

The first advice we can give you is to never buy your equipment at a resort. Most of the resorts will have a limited selection of the gear and the prices will most probably be highly inflated. Instead, you should try at sporting goods stores, skiing shops, and optical stores.

The chances are that you will have much better section than at the resort and you will pay less for the better quality.

Ask questions

There are so many different products to choose from and it can be quite difficult to decide. It can be very helpful if the salesman has tried some of the goggles and knows what you need for which conditions.

If the salesman doesn’t want to answer your questions or you think he is not well informed, you might want to change the store. Of course, you can always read the reviews online and make a decision.

Take your time

You don’t have to rush the decision, and it’s best to try as many different pairs as you can. It is also recommendable that you take them outside if the clerk will allow you, so you can see how they will work with natural light.

If you are buying clear lens goggles for night skiing, make sure that you test those in a dark room that has one bulb on, so you can see if there is no distortion or glare. That glare and distortion can ruin your night when you look at the lights on the side of the trail.

The lens tint

When choosing a right lens tint, you have many factors to consider. Think about your favorite place to ski. The lens tint depends on the conditions at your favorite skiing place. It depends on whether it’s sunny all day, or just in the morning or afternoon. It also depends on what kind of terrain you prefer.

You need to get the lens tint that will provide you with the best possible combination of depth perception, contrast, color definition, and the protection while keeping the proper Visible Light Transmission (VLT) for the given light conditions.

The lower VLT, for example, 15%, will protect you from the eye fatigue when the days are sunny and the higher VLT will provide you with better depth perception and color definition when there are low-light conditions.

Amber, yellow, and gold lenses are excellent for the foggy and low-light conditions because they filter the blue light. This means that the shadows will be emphasized and you will be able to see the bumps much better. These will also work fine when the light conditions are variable.

Rose copper and light rose lenses will also do an excellent job during the low-light days.

When the days are sunny and bright, the best comfort your eyes can get with dark tints. Dark, gray, dark brown, dark green and copper tints are the best for this kind of conditions. They will protect your eye against the high brightness and increase the contrast.  Also, the gray tint lenses will enable you to see the true colors.

A mirror coating can enhance the effect of the tinted lenses. The coating reflects the sunlight and prevents it from penetrating the lens. Meaning that the VLT is lowered, making these goggles perfect for bright days.

For night rides it’s best to use only clear lenses. The high VLT that these lenses have allows the most of the light to reach your eyes and therefore you will see much better during the night.

Photochromic lenses are one really convenient thing. Depending on the light condition, these lenses will become darker or lighter automatically. These can usually be found in brown or gray color.

Lately, the most popular goggles are the ones with interchangeable lenses. With these, you can switch between the lenses quickly if the light conditions change.

It might seem a bit complicated, but it’s not a bad idea to check out the charts of lens colors provided by the manufacturers on their websites. Usually, they provide all the necessary information about the VLT of the lenses and for which light conditions they are.

When choosing the ski goggles, always look at the lenses first. They are the most important part of the ski goggles: all the other parts are there for support or decoration.

Glare protection

When it’s sunny and bright, the sunlight can create a glare by reflecting off the snow. The polarized lenses can reduce this glare, making them ideal for sunny days. But the polarized lenses are not so great when the end of the day is near because they are made with much darker tint.

UV protection

It is incredibly important that you protect your eyes against the UV rays. These rays can cause photokeratitis, which is the sunburn on the eyes. And that’s only after short exposure to the UV rays. The longer exposure can damage your eyes permanently. These rays can bounce off the snow even when the days are cloudy, so it is very important that you find goggles that will provide you with 100% UV protection.

Peripheral vision

Low-profile goggles look much cooler and fit better with your helmet than the goggles with big lenses, but it’s not all about the look. If you decide to go with the low-profile ones, make sure that they can give you enough side vision.

Perfect ones should enable you to see from side to side – 180 degrees. This way you can easily avoid the other skiers.

Make sure they fit

When trying out the goggles, take some time to properly adjust the strap. If you can’t adjust it or the buckle won’t stay the way you adjust it, look for a different pair. It’s also a smart thing to bring your helmet with you so you can make sure the goggles will fit with it.

The best buckles are the soft, rubber ones. They are more comfortable because they won’t dig into your skull. Also, the wider strap means more comfort.

Good goggles should have foam cushioning that will keep the dirt, snow, and wind out. The best foam will be dense enough to keep your face cushioned in case of fall, but not too dense.

If your cheekbones are high or your nose bridge shallow, you might want to consider the “Asian fit” goggles.

If you happen to be wearing glasses, make sure that they will fit inside the goggles. In some optic stores, you can even order prescription inserts that you can put in your goggles so you don’t have to wear glasses. Not all the goggles can accept the prescription inserts, but your optician should know which ones can.


The double-lenses goggles will prevent the condensation that can occur when your breath touches the cold lens. Also, the vents on the sides and anti-fogging coating can be very helpful. The wide vents are usually better than the narrow ones but too wide vents can let more cold air in and make your face cold.

If the fogging is your main problem, you might want to consider buying goggles that have small fans on the side that suck out the warm air and suck in the cold. These fans are usually extremely light and powered by AAA battery.

Safety is number 1 priority

Most of the sports goggles and glasses are made with polycarbonate lenses. The polycarbonate is a very impact-resistant material and if you have a prescription insert you will want those made of it too.

Lens and frame should be flexible so they won’t break easily if you fall. The foam cushioning is also very important. Most of the companies nowadays make those out of polar fleece. The material is nice and it keeps you warm and it also does a great job absorbing your sweat.

Our Top 3 Picks

Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles
  • Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Unique double lens
  • Price: See Here
Bolle Carve Snow Goggles
  • Bolle Carve Snow Goggles
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Versatile vermillion tint
  • Price: See Here
OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles
  • OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Price: See Here

Now that you know what are the main features to consider when buying the ski goggles, let’s see what are the best ski goggles on the market.

Best Ski Goggles Reviews

Here below you will find our top 10 list for the best ski goggles available on the market in 2017.

1. Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles (Shiny Black, Citrus) 

best ski gogglesThese are the most popular choice lately. They are pretty classic looking and elegant goggles. They are made for medium to large fit. These goggles offer a throwback style and an advanced technology in lens making that will provide you with perfect clarity and no-fog performance.

The Bolle Mojo Snow goggles are quite versatile and ideal for both overcast weather conditions and fairly sunny days. They feature the Flow-Tech Venting that optimizes the air flow inside the goggles, reducing the fogging significantly. The venting ports are doing a great job in controlling the flow of the air and prevention of clogging caused by snow or ice.

The double lens is also doing its part in fogging prevention by creating the thermal barrier and it gives you a very clear vision and great seal. Additionally, the anti-scratch/anti-fogging coating is there to prevent most of the scratching and unwanted fogging.

In addition, these goggles are very affordable and you will get great value for the price plus you get limited one-year warranty. That is a pretty good deal.

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2. Bolle Carve Snow Goggles 

best ski goggles1

This is yet another great model from Bolle. These are one of the latest models and they offer a very modern and stylish design and advanced features.

They are built for medium fit and over-the-helmet fit with the latest helmet designs in mind. The double layer lens creates a thermal barrier that is very helpful for anti-fogging and the lens is crisp; you will actually see better with these on than with nothing on your eyes.

The padding is so comfortable that you can wear these directly on your face, without any mask. It also provides an excellent insulation and keeps your face warm.

Of course, the ventilation system provides an excellent airflow in order to prevent the fogging and it prevents the clogging from ice and snow.

With these goggles, you will have a lot of viewing space. Nothing restricts your view and you have a perfect 180-degree peripheral vision. Additionally, the rosy hue is excellent for low-light days, but these will do just fine even on brighter days.

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3. OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO – Frameless, Interchangeable Lens, 100% UV Protection 

best ski goggles2

These are the excellent ski goggles for both men and women. They feature the frameless design and the spherical lens is pretty large so it provides you with a clear and unobstructed view with perfect peripheral vision.

The lenses are interchangeable allowing you to switch quickly between lenses for different weather or between lenses for day or night or your personal preferences. All of the lenses feature an anti-fogging coating ant they offer 100% protection against the UV rays.

The goggles are extremely comfortable and you can wear them over your prescription glasses as long as they are not larger than 1.65×5.75 inches.

The strap is wide for extra comfort and long enough to fit over almost any helmet.

The package includes one pair of goggles with protective case and the carrying pouch. The spare lenses are not included but you can order as many as you want, for all kind of weather and light conditions.

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4. Zionor Snowmobile Snowboard Skate Ski Goggles with Detachable Lens

best ski goggles3

These are really cool looking oversized spherical goggles. The lens is optimally curved for perfect peripheral vision. This model gives you super-wide view with minimal distortion and different VLTs and tints will help you see every bump or ditch and reduce the eye fatigue significantly.

The full REVO mirror lens finish on the outer lens gives this goggles extremely cool look and it comes with anti-fogging coating and a UV protection layer on the inside lens.

Multiple layers of foam provide excellent padding and excellent protection against the impact in case you fall while keeping you warm and comfortable.

The venting system is very good and it provides excellent airflow that sucks out the moisture effectively and quickly and lets the fresh air in, in order to prevent any fogging.

The company offers a great selection of spare lenses for any weather conditions and in any color, you can think of.

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5. OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles – Over Glasses Ski/Snowboard Goggles for Men, Women and Youth – 100% UV Protection

best ski goggles4

OutdoorMaster OTG goggles are unisex goggles designed for versatility and performance. You can wear these over the most prescription glasses and they provide excellent clarity.

The double-layer lenses create a perfect thermal barrier for prevention of fogging. The lenses are also coated in the anti-fogging coating and they provide 100% protection against the UV rays.

These goggles are available in a variety of colors and VLT levels, making them perfect for anyone’s needs and all the weather and light conditions. The OTG goggles are great, not only for skiing but for any winter activity.

The comfortable adjustable strap is long enough to fit over almost any helmet so it’s perfect for both adults and youth, both women and men.

The package includes the goggles and carrying pouch for safe keeping and the company gives a 6-month warranty. Overall, these goggles are very high-quality and they have pretty good value for the price.

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6. Minalo UV Protection Outdoor Sports Ski Goggles CS Army Tactical Military Windproof

best ski goggles5

This model, made by Minalo, features a perfect design. The goggles are made of highly durable ABS plastic and the polycarbonate lenses feature the anti-fogging coating. They also provide excellent UV protection that will block all of the harmful UV rays, reduce the amount of light that comes to your eyes and remove any glare, making them perfect for sunny and bright days.

You can wear them over your glasses and the adjustable elastic strap makes it easy to adjust them for any head size. This is why they can be suitable for any age and both men and women.

The padding is made of soft sponge which allows the proper air flow for fogging prevention while keeping you comfortable, warm, and protected from wind and snow.

These goggles are quite versatile and you can use them for any winter activity including just playing in the snow. They are so comfortable that you won’t even notice that you have them on.

The company is so proud of this product and sure that you will be satisfied that they even offer 100% refund, no questions asked if you are not satisfied.

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7. Zionor Lagopus Snowmobile Snowboard Skate Ski Goggles with Detachable Lens

best ski goggles6

Here we have another great model of goggles with a detachable lens, made by Zionor. These are very high-quality goggles for skiing and winter sports. They are designed for both women and men. The inner lens is Italian; the frame is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and top quality foam.

The cool reflective double-layer lens features an anti-fogging coating alongside with 100% protection against the UV rays and anti-glare coating.

The lens is spherical which gives you perfect peripheral vision and it has amazing clarity, enabling you to see all the different terrains perfectly.

The foam padding is soft and tightly attached to the frame in order to keep you safe and warm.  The vents on the bottom and top side of padding are allowing the smooth airflow for prevention of the fogging.

The lenses are available in many different colors and for any weather and light condition so you can match the goggles with your style and a favorite location for skiing.

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8. Gonex Oversized Professional Ski Goggles OTG Anti-fog Windproof UV protection Snowboard Goggles with Double Spherical Lens

best ski goggles7

High up on our best ski goggles list, these are the professional snow goggles with frameless design and polycarbonate outer lens. The inner lens is imported from Italy and it’s suitable for bright conditions. The oversized spherical design gives you a perfect peripheral vision and makes it easier for you to see bumps and ditches and to avoid accidents.

The goggles feature a very well ventilated dual lens with anti-fogging coating for ultimate protection against fogging. The lenses have an excellent optical clarity. It is very important that you don’t touch the surface of the lens with your fingers or any sharp objects directly.

The flexible construction allows you to put these over your helmet and there is enough room for your prescription glasses inside.

The padding is made of three-layer memory foam providing you with ultimate comfort and keeping you warm while allowing proper air circulation. Additionally, the padding is pretty impact resistant so you can feel quite safe with these.

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9. Traverse Varia Ski, Snowboard, and Snowmobile Goggles

best ski goggles8

The ergonomic design and flexible TPU material on these goggles provide an excellent comfort and strength that you need from the snow goggles. The lens is crystal clear and it allows a great amount of light to reach your eyes which make them perfect for night rides.

The lens offers a 100% protection against the UV rays and the spherical design gives you a great peripheral vision. The double-layer lens creates a thermal barrier for prevention of the fogging. Other than a thermal barrier, there are also vents that keep the good airflow inside in order to help with the prevention of fogging.

Additionally, the lens is coated with an anti-scratch coating so you don’t have to worry about the damage that might obstruct your view.

The padding is made of three layers of soft foam that provides you with an excellent comfort and keeps you warm while still providing excellent airflow. The goggles are compatible with any snow helmet.

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10. ULI Ski Goggles, Winter Snow Sports Snowboard Goggles with Anti-fog UV Protection Interchangeable Spherical Dual Lens for Men Women & Youth Snowmobile Skiing Skating

best ski goggles9

The detachable lens system offers you a variety of spare lenses in different colors and VLTs for any weather and light condition, making these goggles ideal for anyone and any place. The frameless design alongside with the soft padding and wide straps offers an excellent comfort.

The goggles are designed to reduce the fogging by allowing a good airflow through the ventilation system. The spherical design and large lens give you excellent peripheral vision without any obstruction.

The inner space is large enough so you can wear these over your prescription glasses. The long and elastic strap allows you to wear the goggles over your helmet and it can be adjusted for any head size, making them suitable for anyone.

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